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Note: Brooke and I were given a Yogimax to review.    Last Thursday evening, I got a message via Twitter from a gentleman at Yogibo. (I’m sure there’s a cool way of saying “message via twitter” that would make me sound less like a Grandma, but I’ve no idea what that might be. Twessage? P-Tweet?) … Continue reading

an open door

{image is a photo of Brooke at age seven, watching a dress rehearsal of Godspell at a local community theater – with her Jesus doll.}  Last night, an autistic friend reached out to me, frustrated by yet another APRIL! AUTISM! AWARENESS! attempt gone, for her, terribly, terribly wrong. As I read her words, the pain … Continue reading

miss alysia’s playhouse

~ On the wall at SenseAbility ~ On Sunday afternoon, The Wilsons piled our little traveling yard sale into the car and headed out on a very special mission. We were finally going to see the results of my dear friend, Alysia’s labor of love, the Senseability Gym in Hopedale, MA. To be clear, we … Continue reading

one click to create community

~ My friend, Alysia’s son Howie ~ You may remember me telling you – or at least telling you that I wanted to tell you – about my friend, Alysia’s labor of love, the SenseAbility Gym   in Hopedale, Massachusetts. Alysia and her partner, Tina, both autism mamas, have been working around the clock to make … Continue reading

what i wish i could tell you

~ I feel like I do this a lot. That I tell you that there are so many things that I want to tell you – that I would tell you – if only I had the time. Of course it’s a nifty trick, this. Because by telling you what I wish I had time … Continue reading