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dear abby cadabby

dear abby cadabby

Dear Abby Cadabby, Hi, kiddo. You might remember that we met this past summer. This was you hugging my eleven year-old daughter, Brooke, who is autistic … {image is a photo of Brooke hugging Abby Cadabby at Sesame Place, Summer, 2013} She was sooooo excited to meet you at Sesame Place this summer, along with Elmo … Continue reading

ten minutes in

Editor’s note: My daughter didn’t write this. I did. It’s a guess. A guess as to what it feels like to be inside her head. A guess based on years upon years of watching her, listening to her and collecting and piecing together every clue she has offered, in whatever way she offered them. You … Continue reading

in the open

It’s a metaphor * I need to come back to this. I don’t want to, but I feel like I have to. For two reasons. One is that I fear I may have left you with the wrong message – that I don’t think that we should be discussing issues surrounding autism and sexuality publicly, which is not the case. … Continue reading

my daughter’s hands

Stopping on the way out of camp to touch the earth. July 3rd, 2013 * Those who trust us, educate us. T.S. Eliot . My girl feels her way through the world. It’s what she does. It’s the way that she learns. It’s a big part of who she is. Sensorial experiences mean far more … Continue reading


* A 780 ft (240 m) crop circle in the form of a double (six-sided) triskelion composed of 409 circles. Milk Hill, England, 2001. * I draw circles and sacred boundaries about me; fewer and fewer climb with me up higher and higher mountains.—I am building a mountain chain out of ever-holier mountains. ~ Friedrich … Continue reading

of scripts and bras

~ The difference between life and the movies is that a script has to make sense, and life doesn’t. ~ Joseph Mankiewicz ~ Two nights ago, at the dinner table: * “When I count to three say, everybody say, “Okie Dokie Artichokie!” “Brooke,” I say, “remember, you can ASK us …” She doesn’t wait for … Continue reading

a conversation with ari

. ~ The back story Ed note: Ari Ne’eman is Co-Founder and President of ASAN, the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network. He is also a Presidential Appointee to the National Council on Disability. Ed other note: Since my conversation with Ari was not ‘on the record’, so to speak, I’ve limited the following to my side of … Continue reading

thank you

. Brooke with her friends, Dora, Diego and Mr Shawn ~ Dear Nick Hotel staff, Sometimes words aren’t big enough. This is one of those times. You welcomed me and my girl with open arms. You reveled in her excitement (and mine for her). You treated her like royalty. You understood just how much it … Continue reading

the ones in the lab coats

~ Autism is a pervasive development disorder (PDD), a group of illnesses that involve delays in the development of many basic skills, most notably the abilities to socialize or form relationships with others, to effectively communicate, and to use the imagination (including fantasy play). Children with autism and related disorders often are confused in their … Continue reading